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Century Resources Fundraiser Delivery
by Mr. VanStrien - Tuesday, 15 April 2014, 4:33 PM

Parents - 

The Century Resources fundraiser is going to be delivered this Thursday on April 17th.  Orders will be passed out at the end of the school day and will continue until about 4:30.  If your child has a particularly large order please make arrangements to stop at school and pick it up.  

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March NYC Payment Due
by Mr. VanStrien - Wednesday, 19 March 2014, 7:06 AM

This message is for High School Band members 8-12

Reminder - The March New York City Trip payment is now due if you haven't made payment already.  The March payment is $100.  Please don't forget to attach the coupon with payment.  There are extra copies of the coupons in the band room if you need them.

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Congratulations Bands!
by Mr. VanStrien - Wednesday, 12 March 2014, 8:34 PM

It was a great day for the Bands at Morley Stanwood! The High School Concert Band earned a 1st Division rating with all three performance adjudicators given the top rating. The 7th grade band earned a very solid second division rating and really proved themselves and what they could do even with all the snow days stacked against them.

On a personal note, I would like to thank all the parents who were busy rearranging schedules due to all the rescheduled festivals and added evening rehearsals. Thank you for your flexibility as it made a huge difference in our performance today!

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Detailed Itinerary for Rescheduled Band Festival
by Mr. VanStrien - Wednesday, 5 March 2014, 4:14 PM

(You may also download the PDF version attached)

Itinerary – Wednesday, March 12

Festival – 7th Grade Band 

8:15 Report to MS Band Room - Load Bus and Trailer - Change into uniforms

9:00 Depart from Morley Stanwood Middle School

9:30 Arrive at Big Rapids High School and Unload

10:00 Report to Coat Room 

10:15 Report to Warm Up

10:50 7th Grade Band Performs

11:15 7th Grade Sight Reading

12:00 Rating Posted

12:15 Pack Bus

12:30 Leave Big Rapids 

1:00 Arrive MSMS

Lunch will be provided in either a brown bag type sack lunch or pizza.

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NEW Rescheduled Times for Band Festival
by Mr. VanStrien - Tuesday, 4 March 2014, 7:06 PM

The NEW Reschedule Times for Band Festivalhave just been released!  I am posting the dates and time now with a detailed itinerary to follow after checking with transportation.

7th Grade Band - Wednesday 3/12 10:50 at Big Rapids High School

High School Concert Band - Wednesday 3/12 2:15 at Big Rapids High School

I hope to have the detailed itinerary out and posted tomorrow (Wednesday)


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Reschedule News
by Mr. VanStrien - Friday, 28 February 2014, 4:44 PM

I have some news to report with other news still forthcoming.  The reschedule dates for Band Festival are March 11 and 12. We will not know the exact time until sometime on Tuesday.  The scheduling process is in place and it will take some time and communication between the school's directors to work this out.  Please be patient and we will work it out the best we can.  This site is still being held in Big Rapids.  I will post more the moment I know.

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by Mr. VanStrien - Friday, 28 February 2014, 6:03 AM

Parents and Students,

Band Festival for today (2-28-14) is CANCELLED for both the 7th Grade and High School Bands.  The cold and backroads are still a major issue.  I have been working on plans with the MSBOA District Executive Board since yesterday on a rescheduling plan.  There is no date to announce yet as we want to see how many school have to cancel the festival today.  I will post the moment I know dates and times or any other relevant information.



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